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Our New Holiday Rambler

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Sep 1, 2014
The Quest for the New Home

At first I was really nervous about the idea of moving out from a house and finding an rv or motor home to stay in while we look for property and finish school. I was to the point of having anxiety attacks mainly because we have had many roommates before that have screwed us which messed up our rental history. Plus the fact that most rentals wouldn't accept a renter who has 3 Siberian huskies, 2 cats, 2 turtles, and fish.

I really prayed about it, and was thinking back to when my husband and I were homeless living in our car in San Diego, Ca. Granted, it was during the summer, but still. It was pretty scary at first, and we got our fair share of parking tickets, but after getting used to it, we were pretty comfortable. We did end up renting a room from co-workers but those were horrible experiences, we should have stayed homeless.

I thought back to those times in the car and I smiled, a lot. This is what started to bring back the hope that things would be okay. So I started looking for motor homes and found a couple that looked promising. I explained to one owner about our situation, that the house we're renting is being foreclosed on and we don't get school money until the end of Sept. But we really needed someone that could work with us. The guy said that he could, but when I asked if we could come and see it he told me that we couldn't until we had the money in hand. Needless to say that gave me the creep vibe and really made me nervous but it was the first person who said that they would work with us. I clung onto the idea that we had an option, but then I took a chance and contacted another person, but she said that someone was coming to look at it. I was kind of bummed, but then after the weekend she texted me back and asked when we could come and see it. I told her after the weekend, but I was sure that someone would buy it before we got back. So, I didn't text her when I got back. A week went by and my stomach turned into knots as I continued to be worried about the first motorhome being our only option, so I started looking again and messaged the lady. She was asking 2995.00 for a 1983 class A Holiday Rambler. The pictures looked really nice, but I knew that we would have to have payments as that was a bit steeper than we could handle all at once. So I asked about a 200.00 down payment, 2000.00 when school money came in, and payments for the other 800.00. My heart was racing in fear that she would not be willing to agree to that, but instead she came back with, "How about 200 down, and 2000 when your school money comes in and you drive it away." I was in shock, and I cried with happiness. So we arranged to take a look at the motorhome on Labor Day.

Sandy, Matt, and I settled ourselves into the van and then set off to Burger King for breakfast, then gas, then on the road to Eugene. The day was perfect, blue skies with scattered clouds, not too warm, and a gentle breeze. I arrived to the meeting place early as perhaps I may have driven about 10 miles or so over the speed limit, but it was still with the flow of traffic. :) We had to wander to find a potty, and since it was Jack in the Box Sandy had to fulfill her craving of two tacos, then we headed back to the storage and waited for the blue vw bus to arrive, which it did shortly after we got back there. When we saw it, it looked even better than it did in the picture. The couple was awesome, two very laid back hippies who were very excited to be helping us out. The husband walked Matt through how to turn on things and started up the engine, then the generator. I was walking around taking pictures of the inside so that I could figure out how much storage we have in order to decide what we could bring. Okay, so more so how I could decorate it and make it feel like home. :) We were in shock with how well it has been taken care of, and it was definitely a done deal. I paid the nice lady the down payment and gave her a big hug. I am pretty proud of my find, and Matt was speechless, but in a good way. I am thinking that the prayers and positive thinking helped.

On the way back we stopped by the rv park in Corvallis where we want to stay at and took a look around. It is not right in town, and in fact it is like 1 mile outside of town in a nice country setting. Too bad the office was closed being a holiday and all. We then went to the OSU campus and walked around. Matt explained the feeling perfectly, it's like the first time you see Hogwart's on the big screen. OSU is our Hogwart's and we finally will get to be there, not just taking classes online. It is definitely a big difference in feeling and I couldn't have said it better than he did. We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way out of Corvallis and had 5.00 box meals. It was pretty warm by this time so ice cream was in order, then headed to where our things are now, I can't even call it home anymore because things are mostly packed and the feeling here is uneasy, like we aren't welcome here anymore. Now, I am okay with that, we found our new home and it will be all ours. That's an awesome feeling. So I have decided to blog about our journey and this is where it begins. Now hubby says that we need to find a name for our new home. So what shall we name her....

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